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11 Dec, 2020

Time to Fasten our Seatbelts!

No, this time we aren’t traveling to places, nor are we going for a roller coaster ride. Actually,
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04 Dec, 2020

IP spoofing

Various organizations are facing different types of cyber-attacks these days which have a serious n
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27 Nov, 2020


Black holes are one of the most amazing and intriguing things that we can find in our entire univer
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20 Nov, 2020

KU as Hogwarts and Computing as Wizardry

If coders were wizards, their coding skills would be their wands and their codes would be the spell
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29 Oct, 2020

Khalti Payment Gateway Integration With Django

I was currently asked to implement a back-end feature which was payment verification of the Kh
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29 Oct, 2020

Are you Alive?

The topic is creepy and that’s why you are here. Perhaps you could answer it or can you? It’s the m
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29 Oct, 2020

Thought-provoking questions about the Future of Technology raised by Movies

In the distant future, the interactions between human and computer may be vastly different than it
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