Code Camp

Code Camp is a two-day event in the IT MEET which provides a platform for the students as well as tech enthusiasts to initiate an idea and deploy it into a useful application. The participants provide their ideas based on certain themes provided in the event. The participants, then need to develop a product using any platform within a short time frame based on their idea and skill-sets, present their final output, and justify their efforts to win. Code camp is not only just an ordinary event about participating and winning, but a platform where participants can test their problem-solving skills for problems faced in professional life and find their capacity to navigate through such potentially tricky situations. This platform also provides an excellent opportunity to be guided by expert mentors which will help the participants gain ideas and pursue their future endeavors.


  1. All of the team members must be present on both March 6 and 7
  2. At least one team member is expected to be seated on their respective desk throughout the code camp
  3. Each team must come up with a working application by the end of code camp
  4. Teams are required to submit their code on Day 2 before final presentation.



Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel


06 & 07 March,2021


Namit Adhikari (, 9866818221)