E-library Deployment

IT MEET 2020 has decided to utilize the profits to open an e-library in one of the rural areas around Kavre. E-library or electronic library is an ambitious and innovative project launched by Help Nepal Network to offer computer facilities for the benefit of students and communities in all 75 districts of the country. The Project aims to install low-cost, high-impact computer facilities in schools and rural centers. Based on an innovative model that uses a single networked server to run multiple computer stations, the Help Nepal e-library can be deployed at one-fourth the cost of a traditional computer lab. The computers run on a Linux platform that is secure, stable and require low-maintenance. Moreover, the use of open source software makes future upgrades free of cost.


Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel


04 & 05 January, 2020


Anil Kumar Shrestha (977 9860302475)