Need a wand or want just a lifetime memory?

For someone like me, especially, a guy who believed he will never ever be having a special day that will be worth remembering. But, who knew, the same guy will be marking a special day and be able to share it as well.

For me, that special day was 28th February 2021.

The day where I started my journey to be an Engineer, not just an Engineer, a Cool Computer one! Little did I know, back then, that this would be a quest for eternity.

Among the thousands who couldn’t join their dream Ivy League undergraduate school, I am also one.

I never thought for a second that, writing this one year later, I will be this happy as a year-old member of The Family of Kathmandu University.

As we enter the world of the kitchen, we find out there are several ingredients, some of which we are already aware of and some of which we are introduced to. As a normal being, I thought, entering engineering would be similar to entering a restaurant with different names yet, serving the same dishes. But, who knew, here, that same dishes would be named in the most fascinating way according to the people and places. For me, it felt like, calling a normal glass of water, Mineral water! Sounds fancier, but it is still water. The first flavour of engineering that I came across was probably the most believed, ‘The Cinematic Engineering’. The second and cool one that we get introduced to from the engineering seniors & chit-chat circles, is ‘The Chill Engineering’. Some other incarnations of Engineering we get introduced to are ‘You will be sitting on a pile of cash Engineering’,’ The Party-Party Engineering’, and’ The Soulmate Engineering’.

I can now tell you, after a year, that this is not what Engineering is.

Anyone, I repeat anyone, who is a true Engineer will laugh out of their lungs every time s/he hears of these variants.

Starting from the most beautiful aspect of Engineering, Friends. The most common aspect among all the variants of Engineering is the circle we make throughout this period. Generally, the friends we make during the starting weeks are the ones who stay together throughout the duration and might even be throughout life. From tea gathering to pee gathering, from birthday cakes to beautiful treks, from sports to projects, festivals and roadside dance, the most unpleasant jamming sessions they are the ones who support. To enjoy your Engineering life to the fullest, remember to make some quality circles.

This is only one side of the story, no matter what you will find some people who you just can’t resonate with, and it’s totally up to you whether you choose to enjoy the cherishable or just keep lamenting.

But in Engineering all about this only? No, the serious stuff is yet to come. Loads of assignments, tons of quizzes, midterms, end sem, internal-external viva, projects, and God knows what else. It will be very untrue to say that these are impossible to go through, as you will often feel to be the only person who has to go through this. It’s never about the load, but how well you can handle your time and grow under pressure. This is the life-changing skill you will have developed, once you are into this.

Distractions, peer pressure, over-excitement, and under-excitement are integral parts of this journey. You can never have them completely out of this journey, which will result as disturb in the equilibrium, rather you have to make sure to embrace all of these and still remain intact to what you desire to become, an Engineer.

All these things about Engineering, but the unbeaten truth is once you are into Engineering, it never leaves you till the end, it will always be an integral part of you. The part that shines out over all others.

Writing Credit
Sangam Ghimire

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