Kathmandu University Computer Club

Kavre, Nepal

The Club Code of Conduct applies to all KUCC officials, volunteers, members and supporters.


  1. Kathmandu University Computer Club(KUCC) will work under the influence of Department of Computer Science and Engineering(DoSCE).
  2. KUCC should work for the betterment of the students in Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
  3. KUCC can collaborate with any other clubs as per the convenience.
  4. No decision is passed without concern of executive board members.
  5. Club funds and all other assets of the club are purposed for club only and not for personal benefit.
  6. Proper work division should be done among the members before implementing a project.
  7. Every board member should work under their post sincerely.
  8. Tenure for the board will be valid for 1 year.
  9. Board Members must not engage in politics, or construct themselves in a way that could be considered as such.
  10. Board Members must not make or engage in any false record or communication of any kind.
  11. Member who have access to Club funds in any form must follow the prescribed procedures for recording, handling, and protecting money as detailed in the Club’s policies.


  1. To get membership in KUCC, the student must enroll in Department of Computer Science and Engineering(DoCSE).
  2. Membership is valid as long as the student is enrolled in KU.
  3. All members share a serious responsibility for the Club’s good public relations. Their readiness to help to improve the students is highly encouraged.

Members’ have right to:

  1. Be treated fairly, equally and with respect by its Committee and other members.
  2. Socialize in an environment free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.
  3. Be informed and actively involved in all club events and offerings.
  4. Voice their opinions, requirements and suggestions to the Committee.

    Member must:

  1. Treat other members, guests, staff of venues and other patrons (where a club function is being held) fairly, equally and with respect and courtesy.
  2. Behave responsibly and ensure they conduct themselves in a manner which will not injure the reputation of the club, its events, organizers, participants or sponsors.
  3. Abide by and uphold the Constitution and Code of Conduct.

(Any members not behaving in accordance with the terms of the Code of Conduct will be investigated and appropriate course of action will be taken by the Club, which may include revocation of membership.)