KUCC Board 2023-24

Executive Committee

Angelina Ghimire

Vice president

Kabin Bhandari


Aayush Pokhrel

General secretary

Dilasha Upadhyay

Club secretary

Curious to keep learning how everything works.

Aadarsha Dhakal

KUSOC coordinator

Priyanshu Sharma

Executive memeber

Reewaj Khanal

Executive member

Multimedia enthusiast and creative technologist with a passion for visual, audio and technical mediums. Skilled in graphic design, photography, sound design and coding. Strong understanding of industry standard software and equipment. Keen to continue learning and expanding my skill set to deliver high-quality and innovative work and become a professional in these fields.

Roshan Sahani

Executive memeber

My name is Roshan Sahani. I am currently studying Computer Engineering at Kathmandu University. I have been elected as an executive member of the KUCC club for this year. I am a tech guy with a strong background in computer programming, and I enjoy solving complex problems with code. In addition to my passion for technology, I also have a keen interest in sports, music, and travelling. I believe in the importance of continuous learning and personal growth, and I am always looking for new opportunities to expand my horizons. If you would like to connect with me, feel free to contact me at any time.

Nilotpal Dhakal

Executive member

Shreya Khatiwada

Executive memeber

Abhiyan Dhakal

Executive member

Linux and coding enthusiast, passionate student pursuing computer engineering degree at Kathmandu University, JavaScript / TypeScript developer

Rista Shrestha

Executive memeber

Rishad Baniya

Executive member

Aspiring Systems and Backend Engineer

Bigyan Kumar Piya

Executive memeber

Computer Enthusiast studying computer science at Kathmandu University. I am fascinated by the fusion of business and technology. In tech domain I am particularly interested in data science and machine learning. I love sports, travelling and music.